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hello my name is Faith and i like to cook

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

So if you're reading this, I am asssuming you got here from my Instagram, my Tiktok, or some other way. But I am happy that you're here!! I think it is safe to guess that by the title and by literally all of my social media, you probably can tell that I like to cook. I'm still going to introduce myself though because why not lol.

Hello, my name is Faith and I am 21 years old. I am from Houston, Texas but I live in Utah for school. I am studying marketing and blah blah blah. Alright, now that the boring crap is over let's move on. I honestly don't really know what the intended direction for this post is, so I am just going to keep writing and see what comes from it. In other words, this post will either be super awesome and a borderline life-changer, or it will have been a complete waste of time (probably the second) but I guess you'll have to keep reading in order to figure that out ;)

I'll give you my life story regarding health and wellness and all that good stuff. So let's start from the beginning - growing up I was always active (says every "health" person ever) and I didn't care about what I ate even a little bit. In fact, my favorite meals were an entire bag of hot cheetoes.... and yes, I mean the ENTIRE BAG (still love them though), a whole box of pasta with 4 garlic salted tortillas on the side.... carbaload much, and ramen noodles covered in hot sauce with a sleeve of saltine cracker. #health at it's finest, I know. Anyways, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted with no regard to what was in my food up until about my freshman year of college. That... that was when everything changed. Not because I wanted it to, but because my body quite literally forced me to. For the first six months of college, every single time I ate ANYTHING my stomach would throw a complete fit for the rest of the day/night. It was like borderline labor (not like I know what that feels like but it had to have come close). Oh and not to mention, my skin was also throwing a fit beyod fits. I had cystic acne all over my face and would literally wake up with more pimples every single day.

I finally assumed that there had to be something wrong with me but I couldn't figure out what. I got bloodwork done and sent my blood samples into a lab to be tested for food allergies. Oh and what do you know, on January 16 (MY MF BIRTHDAY btw) I got my results back. And I, quite literally, was allergic. to. everything. Just to give a QUICK synopsis, I was allergic to: gluten, dairy, soy, kidney beans, green beens, eggs, a variety of nuts, broccoli, and avocados (that one cut deep). I also had severe bacterial overgrowth in my digestive system :) what a lovely birthday present!! the best ever!!! yeah, sike. So basically, I had to cut everything out that was negatively affecting my stomach. And as one would assume, I was left to eat literally nothing lol.

Luckily for me, my mom has food allergies as well (thanks mom for passing them down, really cool for that one) and had gone plant-based a few years back so I deciced to give it a try. After cutting everything out that came back from my blood test, I had to get creative. That was when I first really started getting into health, what effects different foods have on our bodies, the benefits of plant-based eating, and how to properly season vegan meals lol (imagine eating vegan and NOT using half a gallon of seasonings... couldn't be me).

After months of healing my stomach, my skin started to clear up IMMENSLY (literally a night and day difference), I was able to slowly reincoorperate a lot foods back into my diet (avocados bless up), lost weight, and literally started to feel like myself again.

I created my Instagram as a way of giving out fun and healthy recipes that ACTUALLY taste good and to help anyone who was struggling with even a sliver of what I had to go through. I MF GOT YOU. And even if you cannot even a little bit relate to my story, then honestly you're lucky and I hope you still enjoy my food/content :') Oh yeah, I also have an Ebook coming out this Sunday ;) - 9/13/20 - with over 30 of my recipes (not me plugging my own ebook LMAO) hehehe

Anyways, thank you to everyone for supporting me and if you read this all then I LOVE YOU!!! have a good day and good bye

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